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 Connect with WALA

Connecting with other breeders around the world to learn and network is one of the benefits of joining the WALA. Here are some ways for our WALA members to Connect:
WALA Member Social Hour: Join our monthly membership calls to chat about a myriad of breeding topics. Laugh and learn as you meet new people across the globe!

The WALA Compass: Updates and news about the WALA are delivered regularly to your email via our WALA members' newsletter.

The WALA Breeder Members Facebook Group: Join our private Facebook group to have your breeding questions answered, chat with fellow members, and get updates on events and enhancements. The WALA has a very active and friendly Breeder Members Facebook group.

Webinars: The WALA sponsors frequent learning opportunities through Webinars. Replays are usually available and are posted on the WALA Breeder Members FB page.
Volunteering: The WALA relies on our treasured volunteers to keep costs low for our breeders. We also value member input through our committees. Volunteering is a way to give back, to learn the inner workings of the WALA, and to be appreciated by your fellow breeders and the WALA Board of Directors. Please scroll down to the Volunteer Application Form below to offer your services. No amount of time is too little!

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