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WALA is proud to offer information to all Australian Labradoodle owners!

Our Grooming Reference Guide is an excellent tool to give your groomer. 

WALA also has some great tips on at home Puppy Care and Training

What is the WALA Pet Society?

The WALA Pet Society is a group WALA created to support Australian Labradoodle owners on their lifelong journey with their dog. Membership fees help fund access to education and scientific research to shape best practices in breeding. The good breeders of WALA are dedicated mind and heart to preserving and protecting our beloved breed. We hope you will join and support us as we continue on our exciting journey!

Click to Join The WALA Pet Society Today!

Exclusive Pet Society Social: 

Access to the private Pet Society Facebook page. Connect with others and share photos and stories about your best friends!


Pet Society Portal Access

The Portal contains exclusive discount codes for puppy training and other valuable products, useful links to resources, and a wide range of information for Pet Owners.

The Whole Dog Journal

A one year subscription.

The WALA Woof Newsletter

Lifetime subscription to our Pet Society newsletter that includes useful information on care and training, photos, and other fun Labradoodle-related content.

Personalized Pet Society Certificate

A WALA Pet Society Certificate with the Society Logo with your name or family name.

All members receive a Lifetime Membership which includes:

Membership in the WALA Pet Society supports the WALAs ongoing vision of: 


Developing this wonderful breed through continuing education as well as health testing and scientific research. 

Supporting breeders through best practice breeding via seminars, webinars, and participation in research studies.


Commitment to both education and community engagement is one of the cornerstones of WALA. 

Bringing the joy of a WALA Australian Labradoodle to future families. WALA strives to ensure that beloved furry family members are of optimal health and temperament.

Help make the future of our breed brighter by becoming a WALA Pet Society member.

Click on the Pet Society Flyer image below for more information!


Reagandoodle is a member of the WALA pet society. This very special boy was bred by a WALA breeder member.


Join Today

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There is a one-time fee of just $50.  Please complete and submit the Pet Society Sign Up Form below.  Once you have submitted the form, you will be redirected to a PayPal payment page. Once payment is received, a member of our dedicated WALA Pet Society Team will contact you. 

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Please contact us at with your comments or questions!

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