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New Litter Registration Directions

Adding a litter to database:


Log into Database

Click on Add Dog and choose Add Litter.

Step One: Litter

Add sire and Dam:

In pop box start typing in name of sire and dam. Choose correct dog from list. Try to type in a different word in title if you don’t find the dog. If dog does not appear, dog is not in database. You will need to add the dog and wait for Administrator approval or request the dog be added by an administrator. Remember if you are using a stud outside of WALA, you will have to fill out paperwork to have the dog approved.

Fill in date of birth.

Step Two: Puppies

Click the “Add Animal” box to create as many slots  as needed for number of dogs in the litter.

On the  blue line across the top of the “Puppies” section, there are several drop down choice menus with red lettering. Choosing an option will fill in your choice for  all puppy slots  you added. You may then change the option to something else later under each individual puppy.

You will scroll horizontally to fill in information for the puppies. Stop when you reach “Size.” All data past this is testing.

Example: You have a litter that are all Australian Labradoodles, mostly female, mostly fleece coats, mostly apricot, mostly solid pattern, mostly medium.

You select from the red lettered drop down menus:

Breed: Australian Labradoodle

(Do not add WALA RegNumber as Admin will add those)

Sex: Female

Coat: Fleece

Color: Apricot

Upload a photo for any puppy that is being retained as a potential breeder

Coat Pattern: Solid

Size: medium

Breeding Status: Choose “Pet.” You will be able to change any retained for breeding under individual puppy.

Country ID: Select your country

Registration: Pet puppies are all “Limited and Non-breedable.” You will be able to change any retained for breeding under individual puppy.

Step Three:

Changing Information for individual puppies

Add puppy names.

Now scroll through the puppy information (horizontally) to change data for each one, as needed  such as changing males from their female designation.

Make sure to change Breeding Status and Registration for any dogs retained for breeding. Selections for puppies retained for breeding should be:

Breeding Status: Active

Registration:  Full and registerable and breedable

Microchip Number: Add for each puppy 

Step Four:

Litter Information

Under Born select number of puppies in litter and number of bitches.

Step Five: 

Click “Artificial Insemination” if true.

If caesarean, select from options.

Step Six: Save!
  1. Click on camera icon next to Photo.

  2. Click copyright box. You will also need to check it after adding photo.

  3. Upload image from files (only jpg, ipeg, png and gif)


Max number of photos is 5

All photos must either be photos you took yourself or that you have rights to copy and use them from the photographer.

How to

add photos

Add Photos

Below is what the litters will look like on the dog's page. You can edit a litter by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines next to the litter date. Edit as needed and be sure to SAVE. You cannot edit the parents. If you happen to select a wrong parent, please notify the Registry Team so the litter can be deleted.

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