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Dogs Communicate with Humans

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

OH, Those Puppy Dog Eyes!

We know that in the thirty thousand years of living with humans, dogs have learned to

communicate with us to get what they want. They constantly study and watch us,

learning how to get us to do their bidding, such as feed and pet them, or take them for a

walk. They can even ask us for help with their irresistible puppy dog eyes. Australian

Labradoodles are known to be excellent communicators. When your doodle is trying to

get the ball from under the couch, he will probably ask for your help. He may look up at you, even whine or cock his head,eyes pleading! Perfectly understood, and who can resist?

Do Dogs Smile?

No other mammal has learned to depend on their human companions like our dogs

have. Canine behaviorists believe that dogs have perhaps even learned to smile by observing their human friends smile. When your Labradoodle does a trick or when you greet her, you will probably smile or even do a dance of joy. Our dogs learn to copy this, with their own smile and whole body wiggle of happiness. Mimicking these body languages, means he just might get a pet or a treat.

So, yes, though dogs’ brains are not as complicated as our human ones, they do

express emotions and effective communication with a smile, adoring eyes, or even a

little tail wagging jig.

For those interested in scientific study on dogs and smiling check out this study.

What makes your WALA Labradoodle smile,

beg with those adoring eyes, and do the happy dog wiggle?

Enjoy these photos from some of our breeders of their labradoodles' unique smiles.

Many thanks to the following WALA Breeders for these smiling faces!

Arctic Labradoodles Norway

Australian Heritage AL Tennessee

Bainbridge Labradoodles Michigan

Bayou Doodles Louisiana

BelleauLabradoodles N Carolina

Belloui Labradoodles Queensland, AU

Bull Valley AL Illinois

Canadoodle British Columbia, CA

Deer Pine Labradoodles Ohio

Diamond Dogs AL Netherlands

Doodlearound Montana

Dorset Hills AL United Kingdom

Dutchdoodles AL Netherlands

Earth Angels Labradoodles Alberta, CA

Harmony Labradoodles United Kingdom

Journey AL Queensland, AU

Joalins AL Florida

Lane's End New South Wales AU

Living the Dream AL N. Carolina

Magnolia AL Ohio

Northbound United Kingdom

Oakham Doodles United Kingdom

Ocean View Oregon

Poppins ALD Virginia

Prairie Doodles Alberta, CA

Puppy Love Labradoodles Alberta, CA

Shuswap Labradoodles British Columbia,CA

Stora Juleboda AL Sweden

Sugar Cookie Labradoodles Michigan

Sweet Maple Labradoodles Utah

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