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Baxter and Bella: Training for the Whole Family

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Do you have an impetuous puppy? An older dog who could use some tweaking in her training? Maybe her name is Bella, or his name is Baxter. What if you could train in the comfort of your own home? What if your whole family could easily be put on the same positive training path as you? What if the cost of this training was very affordable? What if you could access all the training material for a lifetime? What if you could watch sample training videos at the click of your finger? What if you could schedule free training sessions with an incredible trainer? What if it was easy to follow and navigate topics? I'll have the answer to all these questions in a little bit. First, I want to tell you a little story. A Happy Tale, Makes Many Happy Tails Once there was a math teacher. Like most teachers, she loved most of all in all the world, helping others. This teacher happened, like you and me, to love dogs. As a side interest, she went to school to become a dog trainer. From there, her heart led her to training service dogs to help the disabled. Yet, she had a still higher dream. What if she could positively impact dogs worldwide by creating a top- notch training program that deepens best friend bonds worldwide?

The teacher brought the idea to her husband. He loved the excitement, enthusiasm, and determination he heard in her voice and his answer was yes, he would join her and together begin a lifelong quest.

They started a company and called it…you guessed it …. Baxter and Bella!

Baxter and Bella training is completely online and offers all in the "What if" statements above and more!

Partnership for Best Friends

WALA is delighted to become an official partner with Baxter and Bella.

We are able to offer pet parents at an instant 25% savings for the Baxter and Bella LIFETIME Membership. An incredible value at the regular price of $238, an out of the world price of $178.50, with our discount of $59.50. This one-time low fee gives you LIFETIME access to all their online content.

By partnering with Baxter and Bella, we at WALA strive to lead you and your dog on the path to "Becoming Best Friends through Love and Learning!"

To learn more and get started, click on the link below.

In order to receive your 25% instant savings, you must enter discount code WALA at check out.

Thank you to our WALA breeders for these photos of Labradoodles in training. Slider Show, In Order:

1. City Sidewalk Leash Training: Southern Meadow Australian Labradoodles

2. Young Girl "Sit" Practice: Oakham Doodles

3. Naughty Puppies Manding (sitting quietly): Cherry Lane Labradoodles

4. Proud Canine Good Citizen: River Days Australian Labradoodles

5. Two Dog Sit: Sunrise Australian Labradoodles

6. I Like You Too, Officer. Puppy Socializing: Cascade Canyon Labradoodles

7. Canine Good Citizen Graduates with Proud Parents: Mountain Home Doodles

8. Ten Dog Sit: Bull Valley Australian Labradoodles

9. Therapy Dog International Scarf Recipient: Deer Pine Labradoodles

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