WALA Membership Perks

Paw Print Genetics 


Apply Code WALA2020 to your PPG order for 40% off any order of single disease, coat color or trait testing or 50% off any breed-specific disease Panel. To maximize the savings, group the dogs into orders based on the number of tests. For example, dogs with single tests should be in the same order and dogs with any Panel should be in a second order.

Valid through December 31, 2020. Please note that  DNA profiling, Parentage and Clear by Parentage certificates are excluded from this discount.


Newsflash! Please use code WALADNA to save $5 off each DNA Profile.  To maximize this savings, members should create orders for just DNA Profiling and apply code WALADNA to their order at checkout.
This code is valid now through September 30th and only applies to DNA Profiling (reg. $49).  Parentage and Clear by Parentage certificates are excluded from this sale.

WALA Certificate of Membership

To request a WALA certificate of membership, please email directors@wala-labradoodles.org

Include your full name, full program name, and your WALA number in the request email. These certificates can sometimes be used as proof of breed club membership with certain vendors to receive a discount on products or services.

Van Haeringan Labs in Europe


Use code CBWALA2001 to receive 10% discount when ordering the combination package H623 CombiBreed Australian Labradoodle. This discount only applies to webshop orders at the CombiBreed.nl webshop.and is valid till March 31st 2020.


The membership and course/webinar coupons At Avid Dog can be used together to get 20% off all items. Purchase an Avidog Breeder College Membership along with  a Fitness Webinar, and apply the 2 coupon codes below to get 20% off both items.

• For Memberships: wala-20-membership

• For Courses & Webinars: wala-20

PetGentics in the UK

10% off testing with code WALA10


 BuddyID and Buddy All in One

 BuddyID can be purchased in lots of 5 for $5 each using code WALAchip. All-In-One can be purchased as singles for $15 each (50% savings) with code WALAaio.

Rens Pets

Rens provides the breeder with a $25 coupon to be given to their adoptive families. If the $25 coupon is cashed in, the breeder will receive a $20 credit to their account. For information and to enroll, contact:




Healthy Pets Discount Codes

15% off any order at any time at Healthy Pets.. To benefit from this offer, Contact tylerc@healthypets.com

Adored Beast


Amazing selection of holistic health products.  WALA members receive distributor pricing on their products (about 50% of retail). Because these are holistic health products, they can't be shipped across borders, but Adored Beast has distributors around the world so can sell product anywhere. 

Canadian Price Sheet

U.S. Price Sheet

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