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WALA Board of Directors

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Alice Cobb
Florida, United States

After raising and loving many different dogs and other pets over the years, Alice was drawn to the Australian Labradoodle’s temperament and their amazing personality. Upon retiring from leadership positions in the non-profit sector, she felt she had the time to devote to starting a small, home-based Australian labradoodle breeding program. With the support of her three adult children, her two grandchildren and her husband, Alice devotes her time to improving this wonderful dog breed through health testing, genetics, and puppy development.

Vice President
Susan Davis
Georgia, United States

Susan grew up surrounded by retrievers at her grandparents' home. After adopting a breeder-pick Labrador Retriever puppy in 2005, Susan found her calling in creating Labradoodles. She and her husband have raised five children alongside countless Australian Labradoodles near Atlanta, Georgia. Susan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from Georgia Tech and uses her natural passion for science to ensure her puppies are healthy, happy, and well-socialized before going to loving, dog-educated homes.

Vice President
Carolyn DeBar
Montana, United States

Carolyn, her husband and three children fell in love with the Labradoodle breed in 2006. Since developmentally appropriate practices, educational enrichment, and nutritional programs are equally important to babies and puppies, she has found her early childhood degree and philosophies translate directly to advancing the Australian Labradoodle breed. She enjoys learning and applying the latest research while communicating with the breeding community and concentrating on the breed standard.

Corresponding Secretary
Jessica Ward
Texas, United States

Jessica began her breeding journey when searching for an allergy friendly dog. She discovered Australian Labradoodles and a breeder who used guardians. She started as a guardian to one ALD, which led to becoming guardian of two. Those girls led to her desire to know more about ALDs and breeding. Today, with her teenage son and mother by her side, she passionately raises well-loved and socialized puppies in her home, ready to bring joy to their families.

Recording Secretary
Anita Main
Florida, United States

Anita discovered Labradoodles searching for a breed for her youngest son who had dog allergies. Her family loves the breed so much that her three adult children all have a Labradoodle, including the youngest, who nine years later still has that first Labradoodle. Anita spent 20 years in education as a teacher and librarian. She now loves bringing joy to families with puppies from this wonderful breed. Along with her dogs and puppies, Anita enjoys writing, hiking, and travel. 

Kristi Coopshaw
Ohio, United States

Starting with a Labrador Retriever breeding program in 1988, Kristi found, fell in love with, and transitioned to the Australian Labradoodle in 2005. Her focus was to maintain the style, temperament and health of the amazing family dog she loved. With her two daughters grown, her life has been fulfilled with the joy of adorable puppies. Kristi and her husband Chad share a love and passion for travel.

Toni Kyzar
Texas, United States

Toni Kyzar's deep compassion for animals is a lifelong passion. As a Guardian of an Australian Labradoodle, Toni was captivated by the depth of the bond forged through connecting with each other's souls, as if the dog were human. When Toni's 30-year career in hairdressing and salon ownership shifted to allow her to focus on her family, this created space for her newfound interest in breeding and raising ALD puppies. Toni, her husband, and adult children collaborate to produce ALD puppies that bring joy and companionship to other families. 

Megan McLoughlin
New York, United States

Megan McLoughlin became a guardian for one of the top breeding programs on the East Coast and quickly fell in love with the Labradoodle breed. As someone who always adopted rescue dogs, Megan realized the life changing love Labradoodles could provide to those with allergies. Megan continues to spend her time loving and caring for all of her dogs while also ensuring that ethical breeding standards are maintained. When she is not busy being a full time dog mom, she enjoys traveling with her adult children and friends.

Chris Wolf Canadoodle Australian Labradoodles.jpeg
Chris Wolfram
British Columbia, Canada

Chris, his family began their journey with Australian Labradoodles in 2017 as a Guardian Family. Chris started training and breeding in 2021 and has immersed himself in the ALD community, continuing to learn and improve. After 20+ years in law enforcement (retired) and 15 years in firefighting, Chris found the ALD temperament to positively impact his mental health. Chris is passionate about working with service dogs, facilitating the opportunity for first responders, nurses, doctors, and others to benefit from the love and joy of an ALD. 

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