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FREE Month of Dog Registration Following Membership Activation 

Benefits of WALA Membership

The WALA is a democratic organization that promotes mutual respect, education, communication, and integrity. We are dedicated to improving the temperament, health, coats, and structure of our breed for its long-term well-being. By becoming a member, you will be introduced to outstanding breeders and will join us in moving the breed to its highest potential. Those seeking companion dogs will recognize you as a breeder with integrity and best practices.


The WALA has adopted a grading scheme that preserves the magnificent qualities of the Australian Labradoodle and Labradoodle breeds. Our WALA database is checked for accuracy, and we welcome input from fellow breeders to correct any errors. Transparency of pedigrees and health results can help us avoid inbreeding and improve genetic diversity.


As part of our commitment to a breeder run organization, we envisage committees bringing together the diverse and creative talents of our WALA members in their shared vision. Together we will best blaze a path of excellence for both breed and breeder. We look forward to the information, discussion, and recommendations from these meetings of minds. WALA current committees include: 

Health and Development Committee researches and informs membership of the latest on scientific findings pertaining to the health and temperament of our breed. The Committee may, at times, engage membership in opportunities to participate in ongoing research. Our goal is to uncover best practices in the delicate balancing of reaping the benefits of genetic testing, while preserving genetic diversity. Discovering ways to best achieve these dual, and sometimes conflicting goals, is part of our vision for achieving the best for our breed.

An Elections Committee bolsters the WALA goal of a democratic organization. With responsibility for overseeing the nomination and election process for Director positions, this Committee ensures independence and objectivity in our elections.

The following committees are part of our future Committee Vision: 

An Audit and Ethics Committee will consider member complaints and provide dispute resolution support as appropriate. WALA inspires all members to practice professionalism and ethics. If issues arise in this area, they will be resolved professionally and ethically. When more active engagement is required, the Committee will consider information provided by all parties and propose a course of action to the Board of Directors. The Committee shall also work with individual members and membership for transparency and understanding within the audit process.

A Finance Committee will work with the Board of Directors to ensure that Association funds are utilized in a fiscally responsible manner. The Committee will be provided monthly and annual financial reports and will be looking at the overall expenses within the Association as they prepare and present the annual budget to membership. 

FREE Month of Dog Registration Following Membership Activation! 

WALA  Membership

Health and DNA Profile Requirements

Health and DNA Profile Requirements

WALA Member Breeders are required to submit a Hip Clearance from one of the three options listed below, prior to mating that dog.


  1. OFA preliminary or final result of Excellent, Good, or Fair, over the age of four months. (WALA will also accept BVA or FCI results that have been converted to OFA scoring.)

  2. PennHip 0.7 or better at any age over 16 weeks.

  3. Dr. Wallace, eVet Diagnostics, preliminary report of Excellent, Good or Fair over the age of four months. 



WALA Member Breeders are required to submit an Elbow Clearance from one of the two options listed below, prior to mating that dog. WALA defines a passing score on an elbow test result as either a zero (0) or a negative.


  1. OFA preliminary or final report of Normal/Clear, over the age of four months. (WALA will also accept BVA or FCI results that have been converted to OFA scoring.)

  2. Dr. Wallace, eVet Diagnostics, preliminary report of Normal/Clear over the age of four months.

DNA Profile

WALA Member Breeders must DNA Profile all breeding stock prior to registering a litter. In instances where a dual sire is possible, parentage must be verified for each offspring through DNA Profile.


WALA will accept a DNA Profile from any OFA Approved Laboratory as well as any Laboratory accepted by other international breed associations (ALA, ALAA, ALCA, ALAEU, AKC, CKC [Candian Kennel Club]), including but not limited to Van Haeringen, Biofocus, Pet Genetics, and Genomia.


DNA Profile Exemptions:

  1. Stud Dogs that are retired or no longer living and are only available via frozen semen.

  2. Non-WALA Studs (outside stud use)

  3. All intact breeding dogs born before Jan. 1, 2018

*If parentage of any dog or puppy is questioned it will be the responsibility of the breeder questioning that parentage to submit DNA of their dog to the laboratory where the sire or dam was previously tested.

WALA Registration Requirements

Authenticated or Health Tested Registration Requirements

To support the WALA’s guiding goal in the careful development and betterment of our breed, dogs may receive a WALA registration number through meeting one of the following:


  • WALA Authenticated Registration Requirements

  • WALA Health Tested Registration Entry Requirements for Australian Labradoodles


WALA Member Breeders must identify all active breeding dogs on their website, including displaying the dog’s WALA number, and must not use their website to market non-registerable Labradoodles.

WALA Authenticated Registration Requirements

WALA will require that each dog being registered have both parents registered in the WALA registry or have a six generation pedigree submitted for authentication, along with appropriate fee. Dog must be fully traceable in the pedigrees for six generations in one of the WALA accepted clubs listed below.


  • Registered names and numbers must be provided for all Parent Breed Dogs contained in the 6- generation pedigree.

  • *WALA shall recognize pedigrees from the following accepted Clubs and Associations for purposes of registering breeder owned dogs with WALA (to be reviewed and updated periodically):

A. Australian Labradoodle Association (ALA)

B. Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA)

C. Australian Labradoodle Club of America (ALCA)

D. Australian Labradoodle Association Europe (ALAEU)

E. American Kennel Club (AKC) and all kennel clubs recognized by the AKC.

F. Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)

G. The Fédération Cynologique Internationale FCI

  • As dogs are entered into the WALA Database, and each dog will be registered according to the WALA Grading Scheme. Breeder Tools: Grading Scheme

WALA Health Tested Registration
Entry Requirements
UPDATE: The health path for registration process has been suspended until further review and research is completed. For more information, email The Registry Team:

In support of the WALA’s mission of enhancing the temperament, health, coats and structure of the Australian Labradoodle breed, we have included a path to registration based on heath testing. This allows health tested dogs that don’t meet the authenticated registration requirements to be registered. These dogs are a value and strength to our breed, support the value of health testing, and will help increase genetic diversity. The following criteria must be met for a dog to qualify through the Health Testing path to registration:


  • Be a multi-generational Australian Labradoodle.

  • Any dogs in the six generation pedigree that are untraceable or unknown or do not have an official name or number, must be disclosed as unknown.

  • The unknown dog may not be closer than three generations, meaning it must be further back in the pedigree than a parent or grandparent to the dog being registered.

  • All dogs in the three generation pedigree are required to have hip and elbow testing. This includes the dog being registered, both sire and dam, and the four grandparents. 

  • The breeder/owner will also be required to submit test results for EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse) and prcd-PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) on the dog being registered. Cleared by Parentage can be used by submitting the test results from both the sire and dam of the dog being registered.

  • The breeder/owner must submit a DNA Profile from an OFA Approved Laboratory or any Laboratory accepted by other international breed associations, (ALA, ALAA, ALCA, ALAEU, CKC [Candian Kennel Club]), American Kennel Club (AKC) and all kennel clubs recognized by the AKC. The Fédération Cynologique Internationale FCI including but not limited to Van Haeringen, Biofocus, Pet Genetics, and Genomia, at the time of registration for the dog being registered.


Any breeder, WALA or non-WALA, may submit a pedigree for verification to our WALA Registration Team for a fee. The pedigree should contain six generations of as many official names and numbers as possible. If a registration number cannot be authenticated in the research process, the health tested registration process will need to be followed. If you have any registration questions, please contact our WALA Registration Team:

How to Become a Member of WALA

To become a WALA Member Breeder you must first meet the following requirements:









Own at least one intact Labradoodle or Australian Labradoodle, male or female, that is registerable with WALA. It is not required that this dog be of breeding age at the time of membership application.  

Choose and submit an official name and an alternate name for your

breeding program. The official name for your breeding program cannot have all or a main component part of another WALA registered breeding program name. If a similar name is already in use, you will be asked to change yours to be unique.


In addition, choose a kennel prefix and an alternate kennel prefix. You will use this prefix to register and identify any dog you produce in your WALA breeding program. This prefix is the name that comes before your dogs’ name in the WALA Dog Registry and will be a form of your program name. For example, if the official name for your breeding program is Shadow Creek Australian Labradoodles, and you chose Shadow Creek as your kennel prefix, then a dog named Maggie that was produced by your breeding program will be identified and registered within WALA as Shadow Creek Maggie.


WALA policies require that any form of the word “Labradoodle” will be dropped from the kennel prefix of your dogs. Also, "s" and apostrophe "s" at the end of your kennel prefix will not be used  unless it is part of your official name for your breeding program. These rules are in place to protect the integrity of the WALA Dog Registry. WALA will work with you on the final decision for both your official name for your breeding program and your kennel prefix.

Have an active website.  An active website, at a minimum, means that you have the following information on your website and this information is not under construction.

  • Your kennel program name and information clearly identifying you as a Labradoodle and/or Australian Labradoodle breeder.

  • Information identifying your Labradoodles and/or Australian Labradoodles you are seeking to register with WALA.  This should include a picture of each dog and each dog must be identified by its official name.

  • Contact information for you as the breeder.


A presence on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, blogs, etc.) cannot be substituted for an active website.

Your WALA website may only be used to describe, market, or display your WALA registered dogs. Any other dogs or animals not registered with WALA have to be clearly identified as not WALA registered on your website. Once you are approved as a WALA breeder, your WALA logo with the required link to the WALA website, your WALA shields, and any mention of you being a WALA member may only be shown on your website pages describing your WALA approved program and WALA registered dogs and their puppies.

Read our Code of Ethics and be willing to commit to adhering to WALA’s Code of Ethics from your first day as a WALA member.

Read our Rules and Regulations and be willing to commit to adhering to these WALA Rules and Regulations from your first day as a WALA member.

Read the WALA Bylaws.

Fill out and submit your WALA Membership Application.

Be prepared to immediately submit a copy of your

  • Health Guarantee, and

  • Pedigrees of your dogs you wish to register with WALA. 

Steps to become a member of WALA
  1. Read information on our website and make sure our vision aligns with your goals.

  2. Read Code of Ethics, Rules and Regulations and WALA Bylaws

  3. Accumulate all health testing and information on your dog(s).

  4. Fill out a New Breeder Membership Application.

  5. WALA registrar will contact you after receiving your application.

  6. Submit all information on your dogs.

  7. Registrar will notify you of membership acceptance to WALA status.

  8. After notice of membership acceptance, make "New Membership" Payment.

  9. Receive WALA Member number and logos for your website and access to WALA Registry.


**All applicants must be approved by a majority vote by the WALA Board Of Directors. Any applicant not accepted for membership can re-apply after 6 months from the date of original application.

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