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WALA Member Forms & Fees

New Member Form and Fee
Effective 1 June 2023, all fees are paid in USD

Note: This form and fee is for new to WALA breeders only.

Fill out the Membership Renewal Form and pay the renewal fee if you already a WALA member breeder.

1. Apply to be a WALA member by clicking on the blue box. 

2. Fill out and submit the form.

3. Watch for emails from WALA for steps to membership

Make sure you are approved as a member before paying the fee.

USD $250

FREE Month of Dog Registration Following Membership Activation!!

Membership begins in the month of acceptance to WALA.

Membership expires one year later.

Renewal is $125 per year and is made in box below this one.

Membership Renewal Form

Note: This form and fee is for the annual renewal of a WALA membership. It is for current members only.

Fill out the New Membership Form and pay the new member fee if you are a joining WALA as a New Member.

1. Fill out and submit the Renewal Form. 

2 Add your Program name as you fill out the Renewal Fee

USD $125

WALA Membership Renewal Late Fee

Members whose renewals are 30-90 days overdue are subject to an additional $30 late fee in addition to the renewal fee. 

Breeders whose memberships lapse over 90 days must reapply and pay the full membership fee.

USD $30

Star Logo.Champion Final.png

To apply for or renew the Champion and All Star level of WALA STAR Rewards, click above and fill out the application.

Star Logo.AllStar Final.png

Litter Registration Fee

Litter registration fee is a flat rate per litter, no per puppy fee.

Member Breeders may register litters retroactively that were born before the start of their membership at the regular litter price with no late fees. Click on the Litter Registration drop down menu for “On Time Registration.”

WALA members who register a litter after six months from Date of Birth will incur a late fee in addition to the regular litter fee. Click on the Litter Registration drop down menu to see the fees for “On Time” and “Late Registration.”


Transfer of Ownership
For WALA to WALA member dog transfer. Both form and payment are required.

USD $15

Dog Registration $15

USD $15

Member Pedigree Research

for dogs that do not have a registration number from ALAA, ALCA, ALAEU, ALA, AKC, CKC, The Fédération Cynologique Internationale FCI,
​or from any of the kennel clubs recognized by the AKC:

USD $30

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Non-member Pedigree Research

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USD $50

Puppy & Breeder Advertising
Puppy Ads are published for three months. Breeder Ads are published for 3 months or 12 months. Please fill out this application and send your ad into the email provided on the form. 

Please note, you will receive email regarding your ad from To submit an ad or have one created for you, please review the document found here for requirements

Puppy or Breeder Ads, 3 Months $100

USD $100

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Breeder Ads, 12 Months $250

USD $250

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Creation of Puppy or Breeder Ads $25

USD $25

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Puppy & Breeder Advertising
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