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The WALA relies on our treasured volunteers to keep costs low for our breeders. We also value member input through our committees. Volunteering is a way to give back, to learn the inner workings of the WALA, and to be appreciated by your fellow breeders, and the WALA Board of Directors. Please fill out the Volunteer Application Form below to offer your services. No amount of time is too little!

Thank you to our current WALA volunteers!
We appreciate you!

​Logo Team:

Bonnie Anoskey

 Brookside Labradoodles

Jenessa MacPherson

Camden Lane Labradoodles​

Health Committee

Jennifer and Matt Corregan

Ausm Labradoodles

Meredith Norlindh

Norrland Labradoodles

Silje Brandvoll

Arctic Labradoodles

Susan Grant

Lane's End Australian Labradoodles

International Committee:

Jody Woodhouse

Kiwi Pride Australian Labradoodles

Danielle Nijhuis

Souldoodles Australian Labradoodles

Lovisa Callenbring

Stora Juleboda Australian Labradoodles

Irene Leifsdottir

Solbakken Australian Labradoodles

Corinne Groth

Jollity's Australian Labradoodles

Anna Antikainen

My Companion Australian Labradoodles

Lucy Collett

Rossendale Australian Labradoodles

Volunteer Opportunities

WALA Woof:
Quarterly Pet Society newsletter

WALA Blog:
Short articles with photos from members
Health Committee to report back current scientific research on breed topics

What talents do you have to share? Besides serving on committees, we have other ideas in the works.  Let us know what you would like to do, including serving on the Board in the future.

volunteer applicatio form
Volunteer Application Form

Give us a hand & start making a difference!

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