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Frequently Asked Questions about  WALA

WALA Overview
Why did you create WALA?
  • WALA was created out of a desire to be part of a breed association that prioritizes health outcomes based on science and research, operates with the highest levels of integrity, engages members in decision-making, and promotes the protection and advancement of the breed through education and communication.

  • The founders of WALA wanted to be part of a breed association that continuously seeks greater cooperation and collaboration among breeders and other worldwide breed organizations. The WALA welcomes all breeders worldwide and honors pedigrees of researched and approved sister organizations. Our mission is to be an organization that unites worldwide Australian Labradoodle breeders in a mutual commitment to the long-term benefits of high standards in breeding practices.

Do you plan to work collaboratively with other breed associations?
  • We look forward to opportunities to work with other breed associations on issues that impact the entire Australian Labradoodle breeding community. We believe that through collaboration, we will establish a stronger foundation that will serve to protect, preserve and advance our beloved breed.

WALA Governance
How is the Board of Directors selected?
  • In 2018, WALA was created by a group of 28 founding members. Eleven of those founders volunteered to form the first WALA Board of Directors

  • WALA now holds annual elections to the Board of Directors for two year terms from a self-nominated pool of volunteers within  our membership.

Why was there a transition period before elections?
  • Launching a new organization is a complex and labor-intensive endeavor. The founders felt that growing the organization from its mission and principles to achieving its vision would best be achieved through consistent representation. Throughout the transition period, there were many opportunities for members to participate in the growth of the WALA, particularly as members of Committees. Our transition plan consisted of five progressive provisional years leading to the establishment of fully democratic elections and membership self-governance. 

  • During this period of rapid growth, our membership grew from 28 founding members to over 400 members strong before holding our first democratic election in 2021, and we continue to grow!

WALA Membership
How do I join?
  • Please visit our website for detailed instructions. How to Become a Member. Interested breeders are required to review our Rules and Regulations and Code of Ethics, as well as our Bylaws. If you believe your breeding program operates within these requirements, we then invite you to submit an application. Once your application is reviewed and approved by our Board of Directors, we will communicate with you to finalize your membership.

What are the costs to join?
  • New member registration is $250. Annual renewal is $125. Fees for other services including dog and litter registrations are identified on the website.

  • There is no charge for the registration of all breeding dogs during the first month following your acceptance into WALA.

Can I be a member of the WALA and also belong to other breed associations?
  • Absolutely.

WALA Volunteer Opportunities
Are there ways I can volunteer to help serve WALA?
  • Yes! We are actively seeking volunteers for numerous exciting roles that will enable you to play a meaningful role in the continued growth and development of WALA.

  • To explore volunteer opportunities, please contact our Hospitality Team at

What committees or areas need volunteers?
  • We are currently seeking volunteers for all aspects of the organization including participation in the Research and Education Committee, Planning and Priorities Committee, Audit and Ethics Committee, and Health and Development Committee.

  • We also have opportunities to serve in creative areas such as social media, creation of educational materials, and the development of welcoming new members and/or mentorship programs for our members.

Does WALA Have a Dog Database?
  • Yes! Our comprehensive dog registry features numerous helpful tools for managing your breeding program and pedigrees. These include COI calculation on every dog that allows you to virtually check COI on trial matings between any two dogs in the WALA registry, the opportunity to easily view testing on your dogs or studs of other breeders you may consider using, the ability to upload multiple pictures of your breeding dogs, register litters, and provide beautiful pedigrees to your puppy families, and much more!

  • Click on this link for the Cocker Spaniel Database to see a sample of the database program we are using.

What Makes WALA Unique?
How is WALA different than other breed associations?
  • Each breed association has a slightly different history and focus. WALA aims to inspire the continued improvement of the Australian Labradoodle and Labradoodle breeds through education, communication, and integrity in breeders and owners.

  • Our Mission is to unite worldwide Australian Labradoodle breeders in a mutual commitment to the long-term benefits of high standards in breeding practices. As an association that strives to bring breeders together, we seek to establish cooperative and collaborative relationships with fellow breeders and breed associations.

  • Here are a few of the ways we hope to inspire connection between breeders worldwide: 

    1. Rather than approving individual dogs exclusively in accordance with our own WALA registration requirements, we accept pedigrees from other approved breed associations. 

    2. Together we are stronger! We will seek opportunities to collaborate with fellow breed associations on matters of mutual interest and importance, such as research initiatives that impact our breed as a whole. 

WALA Member Support 
How do I become a member?

Should I submit my membership fee at the same time as my application?
  • No. Please submit the new member fee after you receive an email notification from WALA that your application has been accepted and approved by the Board of Directors.

Who should I contact if I have a question about the Star Program?
Do infusions have to be pre-approved?  
  • No. Infusions do not have to be pre-approved if you are certain that the breeding meets the requirements outlined by the WALA Infusion Guidelines. To confirm before breeding that a particular pairing falls within the guidelines and will be approved, send an email to

One of the dogs in my program is registered with another breed club but would not be allowed under the WALA’s infusion rules. Can I still register him?
  • Yes, we will allow all dogs registered with approved clubs to be registered with the WALA even if they would not be allowed to be bred as a WALA member. However, they will be graded according to the WALA rules. Other than the cost of a possible pedigree search, registration of breeding dogs is free for the first month following your acceptance into WALA.

I have one or more unregistered dogs that do not meet WALA registration requirements. Can I still join?
  • No. Breeders with one or more dogs that do not meet the WALA registration requirements and that are not registered with another approved breed club, are not eligible to join.

My dogs are not registered with a breed club, but they meet the WALA registration requirements. Can I join? 
  • Yes. Provided all your dogs meet the WALA registration requirements, you are welcome to join.

What if my country's regional laws are in conflict with WALA?
  • All WALA Member Breeders are required to respect WALA Rules and Regulations and Code of Ethics as a condition of membership. In cases where the regional laws of the WALA Member Breeder's country of residence are in conflict with the WALA Rules and Regulations or Code of Ethics, these regional laws will supersede the WALA Rules and Regulations and Code of Ethics.

Which dogs are eligible for free registration? 
  • For the first month following your acceptance into WALA, all dogs already registered with other approved breed clubs, and all dogs not previously registered that meet the WALA eligibility criteria, may be registered free of charge.  

I’m not clear on the grading scheme. Can someone help me to understand?
How do I get in touch with the WALA Board of Directors?​
WALA DNA Profile Requirements
What are WALA's DNA Profile Requirements?
  • WALA member breeders must a DNA Profile all breeding stock prior to registering a litter. In instances where a dual sire is possible, parentage must be verified for each offspring through a DNA Profile.


  • WALA will accept a DNA Profile from any OFA Approved Laboratory as well as any Laboratory accepted by other international breed associations (ALA, ALAA, ALCA, ALAEU, AKC, CKC [Canadian Kennel Club]), including but not limited to Van Haeringen, Biofocus, and Genomia..


DNA Profile Exemptions:

  • Stud Dogs that are retired or no longer living and are only available via frozen semen.

  • Non-WALA Studs (outside stud use)

  • All intact breeding dogs born before Jan. 1, 2018


*If parentage of any dog or puppy is questioned, it is the responsibility of the breeder questioning that parentage to submit DNA of their dog to the laboratory where the sire or dam was previously tested.

New WALA Member Application
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