Member Breeder Rules & Regulations

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Commitment to WALA Community

Rule 1.  Members must ensure all dogs under their control, both adults and puppies, are properly housed, fed, watered, and exercised and that they receive proper veterinary care when required. Members must follow all laws or legal requirements pertaining to the care and keeping of dogs in the area in which they reside. Should any of their animals be surrendered to or taken from them by local authorities, they will inform the directors of the WALA immediately.

Rule 2.  Members must not sell or trade dogs to any commercial animal wholesalers, retail pet dealers/traders, or laboratory or research facilities.

Rule 3.  Members must not sell or place a puppy younger than eight weeks.

Rule 4.  Members will sterilize or place under a sterilization contract all puppies not being evaluated for breeding purposes.

Commitment to Breed

Rule 5.  Members must test all breeding stock for hip and elbow dysplasia prior to breeding. Members shall clearly state on their website the testing that has been performed.

Rule 6.  Members must keep accurate breeding records, registration papers, and pedigrees.

Rule 7.  Members must respect basic principles relating to maximizing genetic diversity to maintain the health of the breed.

Rule 8.  Members must agree to sterilize or place on non-breeding contract any Merle patterned dogs produced.

Rule 9.  Members must DNA Profile all breeding stock prior to registering a litter and shall verify parentage through DNA Profile before issuing a pedigree for any offspring where more than one sire covers or may have covered a bitch.

Commitment to Purchasers

Rule 10.  Members must tag all puppies produced with permanent identification in the form of a tattoo or microchip.

Rule 11.  Members must provide a two-year health guarantee and must supply the purchaser with a copy of the purchase contract and/or guarantee prior to accepting any payment. The WALA disclaims any liability from the use of such document.

Rule 12.  Members must provide information and support to purchasers to help ensure they clearly understand their responsibility for the care and welfare of the animal and have made the necessary preparations for keeping the dog.

Rule 13.  Members must make themselves available to the purchasers of the dogs from their program for advice or assistance for the life of the dog, and will require, under contract, that they be notified if the dog is to be re-homed. Members agree to accept the return of the dog and/or that they will work with the owner to find a new home for the dog.

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Commitment to WALA Organization

Rule 14.  Members must not have had membership revoked or suspended by a canine association within the last five years, or, if they have, they must provide to the WALA Board of Directors details relating to such an incident.

Rule 15.  Members must have a website and display the WALA logo on their website. Members must add a link to the WALA home page while a current member in good standing and will remove the logo if not in good standing or if suspended or awaiting suspension.

Rule 16.  Members must select a Kennel Prefix and must identify all puppies born in their kennel by that prefix.

Rule 17. Members must own at least one intact Labradoodle or Australian Labradoodle.

Rule 18.  Members must identify all active breeding dogs on their website, including displaying the dog’s WALA number, and must not use their website to market non-registerable Labradoodles.

Rule 19.  Members must submit litter recordings to the WALA for all litters produced no later than six months from the litter's date of birth. Litter registrations submitted later than six months after the date of birth will be subject to a penalty. 

Rule 20.  Any member who has been suspended, has voluntarily removed himself, or has requested to leave the WALA must be approved by a unanimous vote of the WALA Board of Directors, as well as meet all basic membership requirements to be reinstated.


Rule 21.  Members must obtain written approval from the WALA if their program is to deviate from the Code of Ethics or Rules and Regulations in any way.


Rule 22.  Members failing to observe any provisions of the Code of Ethics and Rules and Regulations may be subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to, removal from the WALA register and disqualification from membership without refund of monies paid.

All WALA Member Breeders are required to respect WALA Rules and Regulations and Code of Ethics as a condition of membership. In cases where the regional laws of the WALA Member Breeder's country of residence are in conflict with the WALA Rules and Regulations or Code of Ethics, these regional laws will supersede the WALA Rules and Regulations and Code of Ethics.