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The Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association

Get in Touch!

WALA Volunteers and Teams are here to help you. We strive for quick turnaround and timely responses to your emails and registrations. If you are concerned with not hearing from us, we would encourage you to kindly reach out to us and check in. You can help us by emailing the appropriate Team and the guidelines below can help with direction. 


If you’d really like to help, join us! Volunteers are readily accepted on our Teams and coming soon, Committees. Many hands make light work for all! Wouldn’t you love to help WALA grow!


Thank you!

WALA General Information

For information or questions about WALA.

WALA Registry Team

WALA promotes transparency of pedigrees to improve genetic diversity, checking for accuracy or error correction. For information or questions about the Dog Registry or how to register or edit a dog:

Testing and Litter Certification Team (TLC Team)

Our comprehensive Registry assists breeders in making healthy breeding decisions by providing a record of health testing and litters produced. For information about submitting testing or recording litters:

Additional Email Contacts:

WALA Hospitality Team

WALA promotes and encourages communication with breeders and consumers. For general questions or if you would like to volunteer to serve on a committee:

WALA Star Program Team

The principles upon which the WALA is founded are reflected in our Star Rewards Program. For information or questions about the Star Rewards Program:

WALA Membership Team

WALA is committed to uniting Labradoodle breeders. For information or questions about becoming a member, membership status, or requirement details:


WALA Board of Directors

Membership is encouraged to actively participate in the development of this organization. If you have ideas or input on WALA policies and procedures, its mission, or goals:

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