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WALA Bylaws

Every non-profit organization starts with a small founders’ group of like-minded individuals seeking to create a new organization that meets specific goals and needs. The Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA) vision was conceived and developed by a passionate and diverse group of individuals who recognized the need for an Australian Labradoodle breed association that is member-driven and that operates based on democratic principles with the guiding goal of the careful development and betterment of our breed.


Ideally, a new non-profit will have a few years with the Founders leading the organization through an initial period of growth and development followed by a gradual transition away from Founders’ guidance until full membership democracy is attained. We are committed to this transition taking place within five years of the inception of the WALA. The beginning five years of the WALA will be provisional years, with the intention that they will lead to the establishment of a similar but democratic format. The first two years will be guided by the Founders, which will ensure that

a strong foundation is built on the values and vision of the Founders.


Membership will be encouraged to actively participate in the development of the new organization through open and respectful discussions, regular polls, votes, and service on committees. In the third year of operation, the transition will begin to move towards membership self-governance with membership electing five Directors.  In the fourth year of operation, membership will elect six Directors, and the Bylaws and Governance Committee, guided by membership, will determine a democratic election process, bringing a revised Bylaws to membership for vote. In the fifth year of operation, democratic elections under new Bylaws will be fully instituted.


This gradual transition from Founders’ guidance to democratic membership governance is essential to secure the integrity of the Founders’ vision for the WALA. It is our hope and belief that within five years the organization will have grown and developed to the point that membership will sustain, support, and propel a fully democratic WALA into the future.

Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association

Founders’ Group

Listed in alphabetical order:

Heidi and Roy Alcorn

Linda Anglin

Tiffany Calder

Karen Cherry

Chad and Kristi Coopshaw

Jennifer and Matthew Corregan

Carolyn DeBar

Claire and Renald Desrochers

Cheyene Dyer

Gail and Gary Groeneveld

Tammie and Darren Hiraga

Sandra and David MacLeod

Terry and Anita Main

Peggy McElroy

Don Robinson

Paige Slezak

Lisa Swaim and Joe Adams

Kathy Waggener

Tai Weatherhead

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