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Tips for entering breeding dogs:


Please include as much information as you know. Leave blank if unknown.


  • Log In: Log into database and select “Add a dog.”

  • Dog Name: Type in dog’s full and official name with kennel prefix. Do not use apostrophe “s” after kennel name. If dog is already in there, a notice will pop up. If this is your dog, you may click on dog in list that appears. When dog comes up, click on three horizontal lines next to dog and select edit. Make appropriate changes and save (at bottom).

  • If dog is not in database, you will need to add.

  • RegNo: Leave blank. We will add the WALA number later.

  • Breed: Select from drop down menu.

  • AltRegNo is ALAA number only. We are using 6 digits in this field. Type in numbers only, not ALAA. Add enough zeroes in front of number to make 6 digits. Example: 000300. Any other registration number, such as AKC can be typed into the Comments section.

  • Sire and Dam: As you begin to type  in the “sire” and “dam” name, a list will pop up. Select correct dog from list. If no list appears, that dog is not in the database. Skip fields if dog is not in database.

  • Birth date: Select date from calendar or type in this format: 06/28/2017.

  • Pre Title an Post Title are for show dog awards. Skip these fields. The full name of dog is to be put in the Dog Name field.

  • Color: Select correct color from drop down menu.

  • Breeder ID and owner can only be added if they are in our database. Start typing in name and select from list. If name does not appear, skip field.

  • Country ID: Select country of origin if known.

  • Select Breeding Status:

    • Active (if breeding now)

    • Retired (no longer breeding but was a breeding dog)

    • Pet: Never will and never was bred and is or will be de-sexed

  • Microchip: Type in number.

  • Call name: Type in call name if there is one.

  • Registration:

    • Full: breeding dogs of WALA members only

    • Limited: pets only

    • Unregistered: Non-WALA dogs

  • DNA Color: Type in color code such as bbee.

  • Coat: Select correct option.

  • Color: Select correct option.

  • Height: Type in inches such as 18 in.

  • Size: Select correct option.

  • Weight: Type in pounds such as 30 lbs.

  • HD OFA: Select date from calendar if known. Select results from drop down menu.

  • HD Evet: Select date from calendar if known. Select results from drop down menu.

  • PennHip: Type in numerical results for Left and Right hips.

  • ED:  Elbow Dysplasia - write in "Negative" for clear.

  • Eye Test: Select date from calendar. Check box by "unaffected" if clear - can check other items if you know them.

  • DNA Profie: Type in Number and Brand.

  • PRA-prcd: Select date from calendar and select results.

  • VWD: Select date from calendar and select results.

  • EIC: Select date from calendar and select results.


Last Step: Save!

  1. Click on camera icon next to Photo.

  2. Click copyright box. You will also need to check it after adding photo.

  3. Upload image from files (only jpg, ipeg, png and gif)


Max number of photos is 5


*Note: We are working on having option for more photos and Pdf files.

All photos must either be photos you took yourself or that you have rights to copy and use them from the photographer.

How to

add photos

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